About Us + Founder Story

  CECloset has changed a direction from a women's contemporary clothing boutique to a family concept store!  Our exclusive Hat Collection 2021 was launched recently and our own childrens' clothing line is officially live!

  We are an online shop for well-created goods: Simple, organic and pure.  We have composed a hand-picked selection of goods and clothing for children and women, and bodycare that will satisfy your high demands on design, quality and a sustainable living.

  Our boutique has invited a carefully chosen selection of exclusive brands to work with us.  At CECloset uniqueness goes together with simplicity, modernity and trends combine with tradition, and the highest quality guarantees aesthetics and comfort.   



  Founding Story:

  Xtal received her business degree from UC Berkeley and then worked closely with a team from Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Team. That inspired her love of business management and developing customer relationships. Xtal has always loved fashion as well and helping others. The positive feedback she received from sharing her "look-books" among friends and families via social media further confirmed her ability to see trends and styling through an unique eye.

   Fast forward to now, she is a world traveler and her trips inspired the launch of her own brand and boutique. Through local relationships with clothing factories in Shanghai, she created a platform on social media to share everything she would like to style and purchase for her own closet with the brand CECloset. Now she's not only a lifestyle influencer but also a female entrepreneur. 

    CECloset not just an online shop, it's a lifestyle we put together for your every occasion. 

  Again, thank you for stopping by and enjoy shopping with us <3