Behind the Scenes: Inspirations for our Fall/Winter collection


If you were in New York for Fashion Week this September, you would have seen how this Fall, it’s all about neutral tones and sexy shoulders, bare backs and cropped flares!  CECloset is so thrilled to be on trend, continuing what we do best - backless chic! - but with a seasonal update on the top pieces to get you into the Winter!  Fall is about simplifying and making the most of your essentials, so we imagined a limited “suitcase” of outfits that mix & match and meet all your Fall fashion needs.  

Something Backless and Something Couture:

Backless and off-the-shoulder silhouettes were everywhere this year and we are so excited that they are sticking around for the Fall!  Backless is no longer just for warmer days!  Our kimono-inspired dresses channel Japanese allure into a classic Western drape that naturally enhances the waist.  

Choose from a neutral ivory tone - the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall - or a lux tan, a rich caramel shade ready for a backdrop of Autumn leaves.   

Something Silky and Something Wool:

If you add nothing else to your closet this Fall, make room for the one item that won’t go out of style anytime soon!  CECloset’s classic silk slip-on sheath dress is stunning alone, but even better as your MUST-HAVE Fall base layer.  It looks amazing under that plaid overcoat you hung onto because you knew it would come back in style; make it a knockout with gold metallic jewelry and textured boots.  Or just keep it simple and classic, as we like to do: pair it with our exclusive handknit cardigan to stay warm and stylish as the nights get colder.



Something Off-the-Shoulder and Something Classic: 


As you may have noticed, we LOVE the OTS look ;)  It makes every woman not only look incredibly stylish, but feel incredibly stylish as well!  The OTS blouse was one of our best designs from our last collection, so we’ve updated the CECloset classic to come up with a design this is on-trend and perfectly feminine!  Ruffles were over-the-top and everywhere on the Runway this Fall and we’ve toned them down here for a more classy look.  Pair with our high-waisted, honey-tone cropped flares and you’ll look like you walked right off the pages of a fashion magazine! 




Something Classic and Something Edgy:

As we were building our collection, we felt like something was missing… We wanted to take that sharp blend of menswear and feminine chic that we loved in the Spring and update it for the new season.  The result is a pair of classic shirt dresses with a simple, but elegant front twist.  This unexpected and graceful detail is not only unique, but form-flattering and fabulous.  



Our blue design is a stylish patchwork of textures and tones, while the classic white goes from work to evening in the blink of an eye.  And if it’s getting chilly, don’t forget to grab your sweater!


Something Hip and Something Vintage:

CECloset girls are the cool chicks on the block.  We take something simple, give it a stylish twist, and make it look so easy to be so cool!  In our Fall closet, we turn the basics into statement pieces, mixing & matching classic blacks with trendy tans in updates on vintage favorite pieces.  Our go-to black top shows off one sexy shoulder.  Wear it alone to show off your style or pull on our ultra-feminine, vintage-inspired jacket.  


Who can resist more ruffles, especially with that Fall floral design on the back! 

Or maybe you want to pair playful and serious, so make sure you don’t forget your black blazer with tan piping to highlight all your feminine curves.  For the bottom, whether you like our warm camel crop pants, or whether you want your skirt to be shimmering or sleek, CECloset has the style you need!

Something Trending and Something for Everyone

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at our Fall collection, let us know which pieces you need for your Fall suitcase!  Whether you have a special occasion, a weekend getaway, or are just an amazing fashionista looking for the next perfect addition to your closet, we can help!