CECloset @ Paris Fashion Week

  As a former finance slave turned fashionista, it was an honor to be invited to the Paris Fashion Week.  The experience at Andrew Gn's runway show was amazing!

 The super talented Paris-based designer created elements with both delicate patterns as well as impressive shapes for his spring collections.




  Interesting anecdote before attending the show.  Since the boyfriend and I were travelling from London to Paris via Eurostar, we arrived in Paris roughly 2 hours before the show.  After rushing through and trying to pull a decent look together for my first fashion show.  Thank god it should only take about 15 minutes to get to the location.     Only after arriving and anxiously waited for about 30 mintues, we found out that we double counted the one hour time difference between the two cities.  On a bright note, I guess being an hour early is better than being "fashionable late" literally in that case.  Pew!

  The dress I was wearing to the show belongs to our new SS 2016 collection! 



"Someone doesn't enjoy Paris is like someone hates life"

                      --Anthony Bourdain


Xtal Paris lookbook and recommended restaurants:

Les cocottes: (lunch + dinner)







 Brunch: (Holybelly)




  Anthony Bourdain highly recommended: L'Avant Comptoir

Standing-only restaurant yet the food was better than most of the 5-star french cuisines!

For lunch: it's always good to just grab some croissants (i died of happiness!!!)  and baguettes near Eiffel Tower, with a bottle of wine that you pick out from the local shops.  Be like a local Parisian and enjoy your Sunday there.