CECloset and Lorna Murray SS21 Summer Collaboration!

We are excited to announce that CECloset has recently partnered with Lorna Murray (LM), an inspiring ethical and sustainable Australian brand, to bring you a range of coastal bohemian-inspired hats. This amazing brand is all about providing superior craft relying upon handmade techniques in harmony with nature. Besides, Lorna Murray’s range harmoniously blends inspiration from craft histories, eclectic urban environments, and natural landscapes while seamlessly transposing traditional textiles into a contemporary style.
The Lorna Murray muse is a global traveler, a wanderer, a sun-seeker, a go-getter. So, of course, when I stumbled across their incredible range as I was shopping for Emma’s first trip to Hawaii, I was thrilled. Lorna Murray’s values precisely reflect CECloset’s values, and we’re really excited to be carrying some very special handpicked items from the LM summer collection in our store.
What’s more, along with the new LM range, we’re also adding some straw hats to our summer edition. So, don’t hesitate to put your glam shopper hat on (no pun intended) and browse our shop here to see our latest additions for both women and children!
When my beautiful daughter Emma came into the world, the moment her adorable eyes met mine, I knew I wanted to create something special for both of us. Something we could bond over, make memories with, and cherish for years to come. Now, I’ve always loved hats. They’re practical, beautiful, and make for a fantastic accessory to glam up any outfit. Plus, who needs makeup and hairstyles when there’s a hat!
 Empowered and inspired by Emma, I decided to turn my passion, or should I say obsession for hats, into a line of handcrafted products designed to help other parents create beautiful memories with their little ones too. So, Emma is, no doubt, the real driver behind CECloset's new hat collection!
Hats are the most non-essential essential items for fashion ootds. After all, if you throw a pair of jeans and a white tee on and add a fabulous hat to this simple outfit, it will instantly glam up your whole look! And of course, those days when you’re busy and your hair is too greasy to be exposed to the rest of the world, a neutral felt hat will magically pull everything together. I love hats so much that I even wore a Jacquemus one during our wedding engagement shoot.
So, from the fabric I select to the beam detail I choose, the range is carefully crafted with love and passion as I put my heart and soul into every hat I design. I carefully handpick every element to enhance natural features and instantly brighten up any look. And not only are these hats entirely handmade, but every single style can also be customized into kids’ sizes so that you can achieve a cute matching look and accessorize your little one like a mini-you. Besides my family and hats, I absolutely relish traveling to sun-filled destinations. That’s why I also like to weave a cultural element into the hats I create to provide every hat lover with an essence of my travels and cultural experiences.
Yes, for me, hats are much more than hats. They’re also a way to express my love for my daughter, my gratitude for the life I was offered, my commitment to nature, and share my passions with others.